What It’s Like Running A Studio

What It’s Like Running A Studio

We get asked all the time what it’s like running a recording studio. To put it bluntly, it’s crazy.

A few years ago, you would usually specialize in a particular genre, you had specialized staff to handle each aspect of the production/recording process (audio engineer, mix engineer, mastering engineer, producer, songwriter, etc); now you have to be an individual of many talents and handle most of these responsibilities yourself. This trend slowly became a reality with the advent of new technology and tools that made it easier for the everyday person to create which is a good thing. The place of a studio now is a place where a particular client is looking for a quality that they cannot produce themselves or more importantly, someone who knows how to make a record or project better; not just technically, but also creatively.

As for the daily aspects of running a studio, a normal day looks like this (it will vary from studio to studio, but this is ours on a 8-10pm schedule)

8am – Prep studio and overview the schedule for the day. 

9am – Handle emails, return phone calls, send out invoices, and any marketing with the left over time.

10am – Studio sessions.

-Noon – Lunch, emails, and bookings.

-1pm – Studio sessions.

-6pm – Production for in house production label.

-10pm – Close & clean up the studio.

As you can see, we are pretty busy from 8am-10pm (14hrs a day) doing sessions, handling client bookings, producing projects for our production label, calls emails and meetings, marketing and invoices, and prepping and closing the studio. Keep in mind, that during these studio sessions we are doing recording, vocal production, vocal coaching, vocal tuning, production effects, editing, file management and delivery as well as mixing and mastering via our in house engineer. Whew, makes me tired just writing this.

So the big question, is it worth it? Well it allows us to do what we love which is create great music and teach others how to do the same… so yup, it’s worth it.

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